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Deep learning, “See IT all image recognition”

Imagine working on 500 photos, it is easy to browse through them to find a specific object. What if it’s 100,000 pictures? Merely browsing through them is time consuming and adds to the cost; not to mention adds to the piling tasks that need to be done. ICT or Information and Communication Technology provided by See It All can automate searching for objects through hundreds of thousands photos fast and easy even when on the road or mobile.

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See It All platform can also tell searchers/users the next step after finding the objects in the images. It is user friendly that a person with no background or simple knowledge of ICT can easily access and utilize the platform.

Our platform is unique because it is a combination of ICT and GIS as well as seamless integration to other software architectures and databases. And it doesn’t stop there. See It All is continuously improving  and developing the platform to broaden application to different areas as well. For now, it is mainly used and focused on inspection and maintenance of assets.