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ProjectXplor for BAM Infra Rail

Railway tracks within the Netherlands are the most extensive in the world. This requires high degree of expertise that ProRail supply with BAM Infra Rail providing maintenance to contract areas as well as the assets within these sites. See It All’s Geographical platform – ProjectXplor furnishes the powerful basis to create autonomous collaborations of the hundreds of employees, and between all the existing systems within the organization through ConnectXplor.

The effect is the Artificial Awareness of Assets for all levels of the organization. Predictive models, work orders and lockouts – the times in which scheduled maintenance can be done to the railway, can now be laid over each other as layers. This optimize the utilization of the expertise of each employees and teams. With the click on the map, the function Railview provides access to millions of images easily. ProjectXplor is multi-device friendly including smartphones.

Employees can now look and inspect the railways without having to physically go to the areas that need maintenance or repair. They just have to access the millions of images. ProjectXplor platform allows them to work with the bigger picture; autonomous, collaborative or cooperative endeavors between the 375 employees of the organization possible.