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Successful knowledge session with our partner ATMR

Manual encoding of data is a source of errors in systems and databases but a necessary step for updates. This is very common in working with different system architectures as softwares are not compatible with each other; making manual updates necessary. See It All found a solution to seamlessly connect various software architectures and databases with ConnectXplor, one of the many functions of the GIS – ProjectXplor. ConnectXplor allows for seamless connection between different systems/databases such as SAP and IBM-Maximo at various levels under one umbrella project. See It All found a way to connect expertise on different levels to make collaboration among different teams or departments easy and hassle-free. It connects people and allows for communicating in the same language as they access the same visuals through the GIS. Location dependent data and the links between the data are effortlessly retrieved and visible. By making data more visible through images in ProjectXplor, errors from manual updates are eliminated and people can reap direct benefits by saving time and money.