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Agile is using progressive insight during the project. It is suitable for large and complex projects as well as open, communicative culture. Things with See IT all have a lot to do with implementation.

Making maintenance more efficient with geographic information

Administration of work orders, status of assets, or maintenance history gain value if there is an understandable visualization of this data. Users must be triggered to see an efficiency step within such a visualization. Consider, for example, being able to superimpose different data layers (for example in ProjectXplor, a Geographic Information System, or GIS). This allows one to discover, demonstrate, and implement an efficiency drive within an organization. This can easily be achieved through the different methods of sharing within ProjectXplor.

What does See IT all do for companies?

See IT all creates an intelligent and visible shell through existing data. People speak the same language because of this “visible skin.” Two striking examples are:

  1. Visualize SAP or IBM Maximo database through a Geographic Information System

Location-dependent data and the relationships between them are immediately visible by visualizing with the Geographic product of See IT all, called ProjectXplor. Existing/external systems can be linked to ProjectXPlor through the ConnectXplor adapter (SAP, Maximo, etc).

  1. What do you do with the many thousands of photos?

What do you do with many photos that are taken in the work area, and several of the same object over different periods? AssetXplor offers the solution for this.


Sometimes, during this technological growth, companies want to do research into more possibilities. To make this cost-efficient, during these projects, we can engage students from Tu or HBO from our network.


Innovatie is very broad.

The purpose of innovation is to make a leap with impact on the form and continuity of the organization.

Innovation may be related to technical issues such as:

Software, linking existing systems, Internet of Things (IoT), iBeacons, sensors, Apps, (Big) Data, mechatronics, or image recognition. These are topics within our projects or with which we can make links.


See IT all is part of the innovative company Secure In Air bv, familiar with the construction and applications of Drones (see news item).

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How does See IT all differentiate?

    • Knowledge institutions collaboration
    • Internship and graduation options
    • Partnerships
    • Software and hardware development
    • Specialist knowledge
    • Cross-pollination
    • Grants

Uw bedrijf uniek maken?

Wilt u meer weten over de mogelijkheden?


Stageplek voor HBO & TU studenten

Wij werken graag samen met studenten van het HBO en TU, dit kan voor een project, stage of afstuderen zijn. Interesse? Vraag naar de mogelijkheden.

Open Source en Open Data

See IT all maakt ook gebruik van open source en open data. Dit is het geval als bedrijven snel slagen willen maken en moeiteloos koppelingen willen maken met systemen. Hiermee kunnen hoogwaardige en veilige  systemen worden gecreëerd. Het voordeel van gebruik van open source is natuurlijk kosten, ontwikkelsnelheid daarnaast de hele wereld helpt een handje mee, er wordt gebruik gemaakt van wereld standaarden.