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When many pictures are made during maintenance and zero measurements.

ProjectXplor covers exploration of projects while AssetXplor entails exploring objects. Both use smart solutions to tie as many images taken during maintenance and measurements. AssetXplor has been due to high demand of clients and users of GIS, as well as ProjectXplor clients that want more, to visualize buildings, spaces, and objects within projects.

GIS has limitations. To offset the limits, the additional solution of a remote helpdesk was created to tie in and support people in the field including engineers and technicians. This cloud-based system was developed by SeeITAll to support the GIS system to easily add images, relevant documents, and information about an object; it can effortlessly accessed with a tap or click of the finger. All images, data, and information are securely stored in SeeITAll cloud available on all devices, in the office or mobile.

A New Level Of Asset Management

 It is now possible to link thousands of photos and documents to one object. And all these are securely stored in a cloud-based system that’s accessible from a desktop to a mobile device such as a smartphone. When in the field, the data can be accessed with a QR code that is available on the object such as a door of a room or a machine. 

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AssetXplor Created Through Collaboration With Clients

The AssetXplor solution has been developed with the cooperation of clients, knowing their process and operations, as well as the purpose and objectives of the set up. Thus, the foundation of the software was well thought out and through the collective experiences of clients. The value of information including thousands of images can only be appreciated after months and years they’ve been collected, and can easily be compared to current data. Unfortunately most administrative solutions are not yet capable of processing as much images and data. To offset this lack in administrative software, AssetXplor is utilized to bring order and hasten retrieval of collected images and data. It is capable to be linked with SAP, Maximo, and ERP. But it can also be utilized as a standalone solution.

AssetXplor As Standalone

AssetXplor works well as a standalone solution. Technical service companies use it for support over their technical staff. It offers technical assistance remotely in giving a bigger picture of the location and objects within the area. Service engineers, project managers, and remote project staff can have all the knowledge and expertise at hand when needed.


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