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Checking exchange heating from the roof with a powerful camera

Controlling changeover such as in exchange heating is an important part of maintenance process for track maintenance contractors. The process of exchange heating holds relevance in the daily life of people and gained the attention TV and multimedia attention because of its importance during the winter months. It can be seen also in the Demo video: Operation of Heating and Monitoring.

The monitoring of heating ensures that during the cold season operation of tracks are safe and successful with minimal errors from disturbances caused by blocks of ice, frozen water or air moisture, or snow. The operation of the exchange of heating must be closely and continuously monitored. Before, with only sensors in the track, there’s no real insight on the switching, effects and the external factors involved that affects the interchange and if it properly works. Inspection must be done through actual physical inspection afterwards. And physical inspection on a hourly basis proved to be time consuming and costly for contractors. As well as there’s no guarantee that such inspection can detect any effect of external elements quickly.

The development of Geoeye changed the way monitoring, maintenance and inspection in the heating exchange, with the in-house developed drone specific to ProRails needs. Geoeye has been successful in monitoring the process as See It All GIS platform ProjectXplor quickly distributes relevant data to departments and end users. This has improved the function of IoT or Internet of Things.

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