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Asset management and observation starts with the connection of systems

GeoEye Smart Camera System is the first of its kind in asset management and inspection as it links camera, images taken to external systems. It ensures all the image data coming from the cameras are relevant information. These external systems can assign cameras for specific areas and purposes in advance and give these commands and assignments through secure line. 

Geoeye is not a handheld camera but a whole network of observation camera/system that is controlled remotely from the controlled rooms of ports, airports, chemical plants and smart city concepts. To get more of the Geoeye system, look at the demo video. It is designed for specific tasks in areas of maintenance such as monitoring heating systems in airports where external elements such as snow or air moisture can affect the system. 

Through Geoeye, these factors are monitored as they could create disturbances or impediments in the operation of the system. Geoeye monitors any change or disturbance is caught on camera and passes the information to the control room via existing external solutions. Geoeye is linked to the GIS platform – ProjectXplor to quickly distribute relevant information to departments and users responsible for maintaining the asset monitored.

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Geoeye is connected to a GIS and external systems

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