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Asset management en Maintenance start with a vision

Geoeye Swarm is an image/camera system that’s mobile or movable. Swarm got its name from the fact that the system is made up of small cameras working together in a smart way just like a swarm of starlings. Geoeye Swarm’s main function is to monitor assets and building sites with 220V batteries. And each camera is equipped with solar panels for energy efficiency. 

The size of each camera is 50cm x 40cm x 20cm, compact enough to fit any nook or cranny but packed with data storage with the 4G system set remotely to take pictures at every conceivable variations in monitoring assets and constructions sites including multiple rigger fields, control of quality and quantity of image per second. The Swarm is connected to a well-secured Geoeye platform, where in information and images can be divided into different sectors and combined with GIS. It is a combination of multiple types of data.

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