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See IT all biedt Movilizer een geografische toevoeging

For users of the great Honeywell platform “Movilizer” we have great news. We build a generic Geographical visualisation tool for Honeywell platform. This called ProjectXplor. Very often the Movilizer application is linked to SAP data or Maximo data. With ProjectXplor users are able to make use of a Geographical advantages. With this extra tool user can check if the work order is really connected to the correct object on the earth.
Is this important? Absolutely, because now we know the administration is really accurate and trustable.  Demo video

Sometimes SAP or Maximo data still often is not supplied by GPS data or RD. Also there we build a solution for.

Just for your information
Movilizer, from Honeywell, is an administrative program for entering work orders. It is necessary to implementate a Geographic information system in order to be able to enter efficiently and sometimes even without errors. See IT all links its ProjectXplor to the Honeywell platform.


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