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Asset management starts with a vision

RailXplor is an image-oriented function in ProjectXplor platform for rail assets, in order to maximize the efficiency of operations in an organization. RailXplor ensures that maintenance and inspection of rail assets are done efficiently and therefore, saves on time and reduces cost. We believe in seeing the bigger picture and gaining insight from it and to be able to charter the right course of actions for the project. RailView images from the camera are plotted on the geographic map, just like the Streetview function of Google maps. This enables integration of all cameras to give a 3D impression of the project area.

What data do users want to see with RailXplor?

RailXplor is unique but very easy to understand as it combines the data or information on the use of assets, schedules of maintenance and inspection, predictive emergencies, IoT and monitoring of objects. All these are presented with visual imagery. It creates an intuitive system and decisions in operations are given with a higher perspective. RailXplor provides easy access to the current status and condition of assets, consistent registration and management of assets. It also helps in managing geographic information, imagery/photos, editing and analysis about rail assets. It ensures that location and data work hand in hand with the internal maintenance process or operation including other elements within the maintenance process. With imagery and incorporation of visuals, users are able to connect links between objects, conditions, status, maintenance needs and actions taken.

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