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Efficient and Dynamic Asset Management and Maintenance With TaskXplor

In the first stages of project preparation, communication and documentation create islands of data and information. They come from different levels and directions from all parties/participants concerned and contributing to the mobilization of the project. As more data and information add up, the road towards mobilization become less clear or marred due to decentralized structure. Without a centralized structure in place, an organization can only hope that each party or participant will do his or her duties and will not cause any delay. The task of centralizing data means an expensive system with its own limitations. TaskXplor is SeeItAll’s efficient and dynamic solution that aims at centralizing all relevant images, information, and documents. It is a smart solution that lets contractors work independently or collaboratively with one another. When data and information is stored centrally, all queries are addressed by one central station at an efficient and timely rate without hours of waiting. Mobility is important, and TaskXplor address this by being accessible anytime and anywhere with the tap of a finger on any mobile device whether it is a site laptop, smartphone, or any designated gadget.

TaskXplor Offers A New Method Of Organizing Projects From Day One With GIS

If you had to work on a massive project again, what would you do differently? You might be asking this question as you start on a project after using TaskXplor. You know all projects and events work within a timeline and specific location. This is the basis for the design of TaskXplor; planning and organizing projects. It is an app created by SeeItAll as a user-friendly method to organize large projects with the objective of being efficient, dynamic, and most importantly, transparent. It is a centralized solution where you can find everything in a geographical context. This means imagery and location are combined with data and information on different timelines to create layers and filters to find answers to various questions expediently. It makes it easier to find actual installations; the location, timeline, and actual area. If there is conflict in time or discrepancy on allocation in the workfield, TaskXplor can instantly locate it, making interception quicker and more reliable. TaskXplor has been developed with project management and preparation in mind, as users of project management tools and apps are looking for a solution that combines geographical imagery, timelines, data, and information. Users greatly benefit from a geographically and visually oriented platform that serves to eliminate any misunderstanding or confusion between participants or parties involved in a project. It is not just a geographical platform, but also visual content with data and info attached for every timeline; a comprehensive system that’s user-friendly and can be accessed anywhere and at anytime.

SeeItAll streamlined the organization of data to be location or geographically oriented, matched with the timeline on what’s happening on any asset or object to the last detail. Other solutions make it too complex; streamlining with visuals makes it easier to comprehend for all people and groups involved in the project. It also promotes transparency so all issues are tackled and planning can be laid out and executed without delay or unforeseen hurdles. All best laid plans and execution save time and this equates to saving money. The vast expertise and experience of all members of the SeeItAll team ensures TaskXplor stays current and simple with intuitive use of icons and symbols for the organization’s use and understanding.

The vast expertise and experience of all members of the SeeItAll team ensures TaskXplor stays current and simple with intuitive use of icons and symbols for the organization’s use and understanding. Users can draw with standards as a function of time with a timeslot. A good example is rental equipment, wherein it is scheduled at the site from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm; this can be put on the map as an icon. The icon will include detailed information about the equipment including the journey to the job site, and time of arrival. The Timelapse function is a simple and recognizable function. The scenario of working with rented equipment can be previewed and played according to what decision makers and people involved with the activity want to accomplish. The function allows for filtering through common errors from a project; as well as enables preparation without relying on running heavier programs. Heavy programs equate to relying on powerful computers that may not be available onsite. TaskXplor is makes it easier and accessible to all parties involved anytime. It is cloud-based program that allows sharing information to be more expedient and allows more people to see the bigger picture. Combining this with ProjectXplor, it is more possible to provide information to larger groups including people at HQ and other contractors.

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