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Successful Knowledge Session With Our Partner ATMR

SeeITAll has the pleasure of organizing a regular knowledge session in collaboration with ATMR. This session aims at linking different applications with GIS. We know data solutions such as SAP and Maximo work separately. Because of incompatibility in certain data transfers, it becomes standard practice to manually retype data or create data listings manually. The standard practice causes human error and creates chain reaction of mistakes and delays that participants in projects and individuals from management to technical experts complain about. Keeping documentation and data up to date becomes a slow process.

The SeeITAll GIS platform, ProjectXplor, eliminates this problem of manually updating, and separate entries for different programs. It is a visually oriented platform that allows organizations consolidate the different administrative data management systems to streamline data uploading and linking of two separate solutions. This enables location-dependent data to be visible and accessible to all participants, thus, everybody speaks the same language; they can coordinate and communicate in a more transparent and proactive manner. It drastically reduces the probability of human error in execution of plans and operations. ConnectXplor, a special plugin or additional solution in ProjectXplor, makes this possible, as demonstrated in companies using both SAP and IBM Maximo.