Speaking the same language, by seeing

Visualising from vision to task makes your organisation autonomical collaborative

“Success is achieved through a collaboration in which people look at things together from a higher perspective and experience them together”
Robert de Nes
Founder See IT all and Secure in Air

Why See IT all?

Most people are visual learners, and images help people learn as well as apply and communicate their work and expertise. And visuals help organizations and their teams to work autonomously or collaboratively that results to success in projects.

This is the vision of Robert De Nes, founder of See It All and Secure in Air. As many people are more visual oriented and learners, De Nes found a way to maximize this to help employees in construction, maintenance and inspection of assets be more efficient. The team of See It All believes that seeing and gaining insight from and to the bigger picture is the way to work autonomously and collaboratively – knowing the right course for the project or the organization competitive edge in the market.

How does SeeITall work?

See It All works by taking images of everything within the project including location, assets and objects. It makes these information visual, utilized for the times and schedules when assets need maintenance and inspection. These data are arranged in layers, and thanks to smart algorithms, detection becomes easy. We make it visually clear for all levels of the organization, the layers of function, inspection and maintenance. See It All ensures that even the undetectable or unnoticeable are revealed with the use of our platform. It works well in collaboration with other existing systems, keeping already gathered information or data intact. Because of the platform’s compatibility with other software architectures, data retrieval and use is easy and fast. It takes only a few hours upon installation.

Our products

See It All designs and build platforms and softwares including add-ons that use visual imaging and geographic mapping more functional. We also create smart sensors – IoT products that support construction, maintenance, inspections and real estate development. The basis of all our products is tailor fitting locations and visuals of assets and objects to Geographic information. These optimize the use of assets in Construction and maintenance. It also ensures all status and variables in the operation of projects are clear and transparent.

Who do we work with?

We work with enterprises that operate with asset management, with or without a limited development team. This means from small to medium scale sized companies including start-ups. Support continued innovation through educational institutions such as TU/e and TNO. Our field of activities includes projects overseas or outside of Netherlands. We have outdoor and indoor asset management projects, real estate and indoor machines smart sensors and geographic cameras as well as thermal cameras with image recognition features.

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